The Challenges of Covid and How to Deal with Them

Education in the time of pandemic is necessarily being undergoing some unprecedented transformations. Discerning all these changes we, at Sirajul Huda, have put in place well equipped virtual solutions and necessary fee reductions.

As you may know, earlier enough, Sirajul Huda provided a twenty-five per cent fee waiver for the education of the pandemic period. Classes will be conducted on the google classroom application which you can download from the play store for android and from the app store for iPhone. Our virtual system is working from Sirajul Huda's personal G Suite handle and is capable of creating learning experiences that closely resemble reality.

Teaching, assessing, motivating, artistic expressions and evaluation are done virtually. We require our parents to set up a study chamber at your home for your child and try to build a school like situation at the time when online classes are on.