Infrastructure Details

Area of School Campus 4.79 Acres, 19385 Sq.mts
Built in area of the School 1651.84 Sq.mts
Area of playground 4047 Sq. mts
No. of Building Blocks 1
Facilities Available In the School
Swimming Pool No
Garden Yes
Medicinal Plant Garden Yes
Gymnasium No
Hostel No
Language Room Yes
Library Yes, 2000 books, 5 periodicals, 5 Dailies
Auditorium Yes
Health and Medical Check up Yes
Details of physical Infrastructure
No .of Class room and Size No:16, Size: 37.5 m²
No. of Smart Class 5
Details Of Laboratories
  1. Composite Science lab
  2. Mathematics lab
  3. Language Lab
  4. Computer lab
Internet Facilities Wifi with 30MBPS
Toilet Facilities Boys – 15
Girls - 16
Staff- 4
Dirking water facilities Available with water filter

Safety Measures

Fire Extinguisher Yes
Sprinklers Yes
Fire Alarm No
Fire safety Certificate Issuing Authority, Date & Validity Govt. Fire and Rescue Department,
11/05/2022, 1 year
Building Safety CertificateIssuing Authority, Date & Validity Meppayur Grama Panchayath, 19/01/2023, 1 year
Drinking Water Certificate Issuing Authority, Date & Validity CWRDM, 16/03/2022, 1 year
Health and Sanitation Certificate Issuing Authority, Date & Validity PHC, Meppayur, 22/03/2022, 1 year